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Corporate Housing Software Member Agreement


Just pennies per day per unit.

Our membership fees are fairly priced, based on volume of inventory.

Membership fees
  1. Set up fees are based on company volume, size, and longevity; call for applicable pricing.
  2. Monthly Membership Fee base on Volume of Inventory:

    level 1 25 units $150.00
    level 2 50 units $200.00
    level 3 75 units $300.00
    level 4 100 units $350.00
    level 5 125 units $400.00
    level 6 150 units $450.00
    level 7 200 units $500.00
    level 8 250 units $575.00
    level 9 300 units $600.00
    level 10300+ units Negotiated volume increments
Enhanced option fees
    Options are customizable for each member.
    Call for pricing.

The fine print.

Membership terms
  1. membership in the Aaxsys reservations, operations, and marketing system stipulates that companies agree to:
    1. use Aaxsys as their primary reservation system.
    2. place Aaxsys operating and reservation links - primarily "login", "availability", and "view property by code" on company and/or partnership websites.
    3. diligently pursue knowledge and use of the entire Aaxsys System as provided in written guides as well as online training
  2. A minimum 6 month contract
  3. 45 days written notice of intention to terminate
  4. automatic payments via valid credit card, as follows:
    1. set-up fees upon sign-up
    2. monthly fees on the 1st day of month
    3. invalid credit card will inactivate membership
Additional terms
  1. Aaxsys does not make any claim to manage member's inventory, operations, occupancy, or negotiated contracts with other Aaxsys members
  2. to preserve the integrity of the Aaxsys system, all members agree to:
    1. accurately maintain their reservation boards and inventory databases
    2. cooperate with other Aaxsys members and external users in cross-referrals, reservations and commissions paid
  3. Aaxsys may adjust a member.s monthly fees and/or charge additional fees for customized upgrades programmed for that member
  4. upgrades which benefit all members may result in a blanket fee increase; changes in fees are subject to (90) days notification, and distributed proportionately to members based on usage
  5. Aaxsys Technology, a California Corporation, trademarked and patented, is a subsidiary of American Marketing Systems Inc. (AMSI)
    1. Aaxsys member databases are operated over secure servers and password-protected
    2. login capability by Aaxsys administrators is for the sole purpose of support, maintenance, or the addition of new applications
  6. Aaxsys membership may not be "franchised" re-sold or offered to other entities without the express permission of Aaxsys and written agreement as to the terms which shall apply
  7. Aaxsys may advertise the availability of member's inventory in print, other media, or over the internet for marketing and the growth of the system

We pay referral fees.

  1. A referral of 10% of the set up fee price will be paid for new Aaxsys member sign-ups once they have fulfilled our six-month agreement
  2. referrals must be verified in writing by the new member and Aaxsys Technology

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